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Invest in Apartment buildings as a private equity partner

Invest in Apartment Buildings as a Private Equity Partner: The Vehicle of Choice Large to mid sized multifamily investments are traditionally owned by only the largest institutional investors such as mutual funds, insurance companies, or large pension plans for their stability and investment power. Being a private equity investor allows the qualified indivudual investor the […]

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Reasons For Passive Investing In Apartment Buildings For the Average Investor

REASONS FOR PASSIVE REAL ESTATE INVESTING Everyone has different reasons for investing passively in an investment of real estate. Lets first talk a little about the differences between active and passive investing. ACTIVE INVESTING VS. PASSIVE INVESTING There are many ways to invest in real estate and they generally can be divided into two categories: […]

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Commercial Real Estate….What is it? How does it differ from traditional investments?

What is commercial property? It’s a broad term used to describe property used to generate a profit, such as office buildings, industrial property, medical centers, hotels, malls, farmland, apartment buildings, and warehouses. Any apartment building is usually considered to be a commercial property if it is 5 units or more. 1-4 units are still considered […]

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