JB Real Estate Investments provide the following services.

We can help you sell your home Quickly, converting your home into CASH, no matter what your situation is. Maybe there is a reason why your home is not be the easiest to sell.  We are skilled at creating solutions to any problem and get your home sold in least amount of time.

Maybe you need to move quickly. Maybe your home has damage or needs expensive repairs…Perhaps your property doesn’t have enough equity to cover the realtor commissions and expenses. These are are just a few examples where we can help when going through a conventional realtor might not be the best option for you. .

If any one of these circumstances relates to you, we have programs and systems in place that can help you. Just give us a call and we can discuss what the best approach would be to you unique situation.…

Working with us, there are no real estate commissions, repair cost or hidden fees charged when selling your home.

Call us at 510-863-1447 to discuss your options, We look forward to speaking with you.

We appreciated working with honest, down-to-earth people. Jeff treated us like a friend, and genuinely helped us. The follow up and willingness to help us through this process was appreciated.