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JB Real Estate Investments, based in Northern California, is a privately held real estate company specializing in acquisition, assignment & ownership, of high-quality multi-family communities in specific key markets.

We are looking to form relationships we select investors interested in partnering with us in a passive way for a term of generally 3-5 years depending on the project. We are looking to work with certain individuals who’s goals and objectives will be a good fit with our business plan.

Our #1 objective is to protect and preserve investor capital while maximizing cash-on-cash returns during the entire time of ownership. We are experienced, dedicated, and have superior knowledge of the markets we serve. Our property management and operations platform is also second to none. We pride ourselves in the careful and responsible management of the capital and assets under our control.

We want this to be a pleasant positive experience for all involved and want to create a symbiotic relationship with our investors that will last long term and where friendship are made at the same time.

Below are things we look for to give us an edge and help us to achieve these goals

Here are a few points we look for when selecting projects and markets

  • Strong expected population growth in the selected market
  • Job growth increasing. New business coming to town
  • Some sort of Value add component, A way for us to force appreciation
  • Positioned within the cities path of progress.
  • Currently undervalued for some reason

Below is a Diagram of where specific markets are at in the current real Estate Market Cycle.

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