Earn passive income. Beat the market by investing in apartments.

Are you tired of the returns you are getting from your bank? Does the stock market seem too risky? Unpredictable?…..Have you lost control of your investments?

Give investing in apartment buildings some thought!

I don’t have allot of faith in paper assets where the money you invest can be manipulated by our government or some big shot in a some board room that you never met.

Check out Robert Kyosaki’s book “Who took my money?”


He talks about how investing in anything other than hard assets is little more than a ponzi scheme. Where people can legally steal your money…When the Government prints money as fast as they can, they are taking your money.

Through inflation, your dollar is worth less and less from the extra dollars they are flooding the money supply…..How do you think our government is going to get out of this debt hole they are in….They will print more money and take if from us…Plain and simple.

Do you want to beat them at their own game? Do you want to invest in an asset that will increase in price right along with inflation?…How about investing in a physical asset? An asset that will increase in price over time as inflation goes up. Below are several benefits from investing in apartment buildings that are hard to get from any other asset class.

Let’s look as the advantages of real estate over stocks and bonds.

(Did I mention you can invest in apartment with money from your underperforming 401k? Ask us how!)

Key benefits of investing in apartment buildings as opposed to investing in stocks and bonds

1.) Tax Advantages…real estate has many tax advantages and is a great tax shelter!

2.) Equity buildup/Principle Reduction: Tenants pay the mortgage and build up your equity for you!

3.) Leverage: you can buy a commercial property with as little at 20% down. Try that with stocks!

4.) Increase in price through inflation…While your dollar becomes worth less, the value of your property will increase. Real estate is one of the best hedges against inflation

5.) Monthly Cash Flow: In addition to principal reduction, you will also get monthly cash flow on top of that!

6.) Control: when we invest in apartment buildings we have more control over our investment. We can take steps to increase value and thus, have more control over the return on our investment.

When you combine the five benefits above, real estate is a superior investment for the creation of long term wealth…

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