Use your 401k to invest in apartment buildings!

Become an investor-Partner is an apartment building by using your 401K

Many people are surprised to find out they can generate much higher returns by investing in an apartment building using money from an underperforming 401k.

The process is simple really and absolutely legal…

The first step would be to set up a 401k account with someone like equity trust company. They specialize in setting up 401k account for people who want to use 401k money…see below:

Next, transfer a portion of your existing 401k into this new account. Once the new account is established the funds are in place. Equity trust can wire the funds from your account directly to the title company to keep everything legal…They do all the record keeping to keep the IRS happy…And away you go! It’s really that easy…

If this is something you would like to talk more about, give us a call at 510-863-1447 and we can walk you through the whole process.

I’m going to keep beating this drum!

Keep in mind the key benefits of investing in apartment buildings as opposed to investing stocks and bonds

1.) Tax Advantages…real estate has many tax advantages and is a great tax shelter!
2.) Equity Buildup/Principle Reduction: Tenants pay the mortgage and build up your equity for you!
3.) Leverage: you can buy a commercial property with as little at 20% down. Try that with stocks!
4.) Increase in price through inflation…While your dollar is worth less, the value of your property will increase. Real estate is one of the best hedges against inflation
5.) Monthly Cash Flow: In addition to principal reduction, you will also get monthly cash flow on top of that!
6.) Control: With an investment in real estate, you can control how to increase the value of the property through improvements, increasing income and/or reducing expenses. And your investment can’t be manipulated by a Wall Street banker like your investment in stocks and bonds!

If this sounds intriguing, call us at 510-863-1447 to discuss how to invest in apartment buildings using your 401k!

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