Apartment Investing can be powerful alternative to the stock market

Apartment Investing can be powerful alternative to the stock market

If you listen to many of the gurus out there like Robert Kyosaki for one….

They talk about how paper assets can be manipulated. How your money can literally be taken from you by inflation and other tricks the elite use to reduce your buying power, and take money from the average investor.

What is a guy to do who doesn’t have the power of the fed or warren buffet?

The answer is: Invest in a tangible asset which goes up in value with inflation and who’s value increase as the buying power of the dollar goes down!

Here are a few other things to consider about real estate and apartment buildings.

-Significant cash flow

-You can use your 401k and IRA to purchase real estate!

-Leveraging other people’s money and experience.

-Enjoying large tax write-offs

-For these reasons real estate can be a great choice.

Let me be clear so I don’t sound like a late-night infomercial: Real estate investing is difficult. The learning curve is significant.

Amid all the horror stories about crazy tenants, poor cash flow, and something always breaking, there is some significant income to be had from real estate investing. What’s better is you don’t have to put 100 percent down on a house. You can usually get away with 25 percent to 35 percent as a down payment and let the bank fund the rest of the purchase. This leverage means you can leave more money in reserve for the inevitable issues that pop up or to expand into a larger number of properties faster.

Real estate is attractive to those who prefer to invest in something tangible. If you are knowledgeable about the realities of the housing market, investing in real estate may be a good option. Some choose to purchase income property, which can be used for regular rental income. Buying shares in a REIT is one way to benefit from property ownership without becoming a landlord, although some argue this option isn’t a far reach from the stock market and is at risk of manipulation just like stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be.

Anyone considering real estate as an investment should do their research and develop some decent expertise before getting involved. An alternative is to hire professionals to help purchase, manage and oversea your investment. When done right, an investment in real estate and apartment buildings can be a great source of income in your retirement and be like an annuity paying you every month while protecting you from the destructive forces of inflation and currency manipulation.

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