Take a look at our team and advisory board.

Take a look at our Advisors….

At Jb Real Estate Investments we partner with the best in the industry…..Two people who I like to call friends work with me on structuring and asset management of our properties…With their knowledge and vast experience in the industry, I feel this give us a leg up and level of security when putting together a successful syndication for our Investors.

Michael Blank

Michael has been doing real estate investing for many years now and only focuses on apartment buildings…He had been very successful putting together syndications with investors and helping investors achieve a high return from their investment. Michael has had a successful career in the software industry before making the switch to apartment building investing . Due to his experience with computers and such de developed the “Syndicated Deal Analyzer” which is a very sophisticated excel spreadsheet he developed for analyzing apartment building financials. We use this software here at Jbrealestateinvestments and give us a level of confidence about cash flows and our future projections Here is a link below to information about this tools we use for analyzing our projects.

“Syndicated Deal Analyzer”



Peter Harris


Peter is a great guy who lives here in the San Francisco area. Peter has a real passion for helping people with investing in commercial real estate and is a real expert in the apartment Investing arena. Peter has helped apartment investors reach their cash flow and net worth dreams spanning from the West coast to the East coast. He is one of the most sought after investment consultants in the country

Peter started out as a successful  engineer  but got restless and wanted to do bigger things. Peter learned his craft from his mentor, Robert kyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. During his time with Robert Kyosaki, Peter learned some valuable tactics and skills from Robert and has even gone on two write two books himself.

 Commercial real estate for dummies:


Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success:


I have known Peter for several years now and I can say I trust him and he is a man of integrity


For more information about investing in Apartments, call us at 510-863-1447



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