Email to Investors, Our Promise to you….

If you are currently one of our investors, you may have seen this email already..

It is just a short note to sum up who we are, what we are doing right now and our promise to our investors…It may seem over simplistic to some out there, but we are looking to for friendships and relationships with our investors. We want our investors to know and trus tust so we can have a long term relationship, even if we are not involved in any particular project…

Here is one email I have sent to our investors…

Right now you are probably trying to get to know us and see if we are real and someone trustworthy .

We are real. I appreciate the fact you need to be careful about who you might come across online or anywhere else…

We are company that works with groups of investors to invest in Apartment buildings in markets that have good future growth potential. It will be best though if we can talk on the phone sometime. below is a little more about what I am talking about what we do:

We partner with investor like yourself to buy apartment buildings, Anywhere from 20 units to 200 units. we share the cash flow and the appreciation with the investors. (we can discuss this in   more detail later)

The investors help us with the down payment required, we finance the property conventionally through a band. Then we would handle day to day operations so you have a hands free investment

Our properties are manages buy the best property management companies with proven track records to fully optimize the cash flow and appreciation of the investment.

We look for cities that have increased job and population growth going forward.

You would receive a percentage of the monthly cash flow in relation to how much you may have invested.

We look for properties that are undervalued where there is a good chance for forcing the appreciation during the course of the investment.

This will provide us a good profit when we sell which as an investor you will get a share of as well.

All of the money is handled by an attorney or title company, I never personally handle your funds…So you can rest assured, your investment is safe in that way 🙂

All the financials are handle by a professional CPA firm and all payouts are done by them. Again,…I do not handle your money at any time !  🙂

All the record keeping is handle by the CPA to make sure everyone is one the same page, being done legally, and the records are maintained to highest standards. Again,..I don’t touch your money.  🙂

All plan documents are drawn up by our syndication lawyers. We do not do these documents ourselves. We require all the legal documents to be done to the highest standards to keep the IRS and our investors happy. we want our investors to feel confident their investment is being handled in the best way.. Again,…I don’t touch your money 🙂

We are completely transparent. As an investor, you have access to anything I have…At ANY time, you can visit the property or inspect the books. We have a complete “Open Door policy” We have nothing to hide and I want you to get to know us and feel confident we have the best people in your corner.

Having said all that…We are still getting to know each other and you have questions right now….I understand…

I’m also nice guy…Approachable, easy to talk to..Just like you, A regular guy. I won’t pretend to be something I am not. If I don’t have the answer to your questions. I will tell you so and I will find out the answer for you instead of making something up in an effort to sound intelligent.. Does that sound fair?

My team and I are very knowledgeable about apartment building investments. We have made a real study out of the financials pertaining to apartments. We know how to dissect the minutiae in the financial and see the real story behind a property. Every property has a story, and we know to determine if we have a good investment or not. I would love to go through an analysis with you sometime if you like….I would enjoy that, and welcome it!

We are confident in the deals we are putting together and my guarantee to you is that I will be honest and ethical and be the best steward of your investment that I can be. Being honest is so important to me. I have morals and ethics that I live by… I have to look myself in the mirror every day. If I am doing something shady, I would be able to do so..As an Investor, you are very important to me and I will protect you and treat your investment like it is my own.

I hope this short explanation will help open the door to further discussions…..I really look forward to building a lasting relationship and better yet, A friendship…

I look forward to speaking together soon.


Jeff at JB Real Estate Investments


Let me know if this raises any questions for anyone out there and you want to discuss apartment us at 510-863-1447


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