10 reasons why the Real Estate Guys” buy multifamily apartments

Have you heard of the “Real Estate Guys“?  If you haven’t, you should listen to their podcast. They are made up of two guys named Jake and Gino who are very knowledgeable investors who have a large following.

Jake and Gino are both experts in multifamily real estate investing and have achieved, in just a few years, the sort of financial freedom they always wanted but weren’t sure was possible.

They have a great podcast and the most recent episode was great and I wanted to share it.

You can check out the ‘real Estate Guys” below


Listen To their Latest Podcast:

10 Reasons They Buy Multifamily – Special Edition With Jake And The G-Daddy

In this episode they take a deep dive into why they do what they do! They wanted to share what they buy and how they are finding deals. Finally they cover their top ten reasons for investing in multifamily and much much more!

In this episode you will discover:

-Multifamily ROI
-Forced appreciation
-Equity through leverage
-Tax advantages through depreciation
-How to hedge against inflation
-Economies of scale
-How to improve your local community in a big way
-Refi and Roll to wealth building
-And much more!

Listen to this great episode here:

10 reasons we buy multifamily – Special edition with Jake and the G-Daddy


I hope you enjoy their podcast, Let us know if you have additional questions about apartment investing.  You can reach us at 510-863-1447




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