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Las Vegas news!

Here are few of the highlights which we feel make Las Vegas a good market to be investing in right now. Obviously, the most talked about is the raider NFL football team coming to town. That is all anyone can talk about right now and it as seen by many insiders that it is going […]

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Raiders and NHL in Las Vegas seen as a boost to the local real estate market!

Below is an Article from the Toronto Tribune regarding how the new NHL team in Las Vegas along with the Raiders move should prove to be a great shot in the arm to the Las Vegas economy and local real estate market in General.   Many real estate and economic experts alike predicted that the […]

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Baby Boomers and Millennials Create a Sharp Boost in Demand for Rental Property.

Below is an excerpt from an article written by the Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University   GROWTH IN RENTER HOUSEHOLDS Demand for rental housing continues to surge, driven by a combination of demographic, economic, and lifecycle trends. As millennials and immigrants form millions of new households, they are increasing the diversity of demand. […]

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Las Vegas Revitalization

We have been looking at Las Vegas for sometime now.  Below is some market information about Las Vegas as it relates to other markets in the contry. We feel there is still signigigant upside in the Las Vegas market due to the fact it has been one of the last markets to recover from the 2008 […]

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Informative Video’s and Blogs on Real Estate Investing

Here are a few video blogs that I have found informational………They can be very informative and inspirational at the same time…Get some great ideas here and educate yourself about the power of investing in apartment buildings. Robert Kyosaki, Author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books. The real estate Guys Jake […]

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