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Tucson Multifamily Market Going Strong!

Another market on our radar is Tucson. Many economic indicators especially job and population growth point to Tucson as a market in position for sustained growth. Tucson typically lags Phoenix and is positioned to continue the growth seen in the southwest over the last year. We see Tucson as a strong rental market for the […]

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Invest in Apartment buildings as a private equity partner

Invest in Apartment Buildings as a Private Equity Partner: The Vehicle of Choice Large to mid sized multifamily investments are traditionally owned by only the largest institutional investors such as mutual funds, insurance companies, or large pension plans for their stability and investment power. Being a private equity investor allows the qualified indivudual investor the […]

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What is a real estate “Syndication”?

What is apartment building syndication? How does the average investor get involved with a larger apartment building investment? We do this by primarily forming syndication. What this means is that we form a partnership with several people who pool their money to purchase a specific asset. There are two key components that go into syndication […]

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