Become an Investor-Partner

JB Real Estate Investments is always looking for opportunities in multi-family housing in high growth markets. While there are many multi-family properties for sale at any given time, few will meet our strict Investment Criteria.

As opportunities arise, investments will be presented to prospective investors in the form of an offering memorandum. Each offering memorandum will contain information that will assist investors in evaluating the quality of the prospective investment, as well as its suitability with respect to an investor’s finances, objectives, and investment experience.

Each asset will be titled under and LLC. Ownership of the LLC is divided among the managing members and equity investors. Ownership percentages is determined by the cash flow of the property and the amounts invested by investors.

There will be a certain amount of capital needed to be raised for each project. This amount will be broken down into a specific number of shares that will be available to investors. The percentage of ownership in the LLC will be based on the amount invested by the investor and the number of shares available for sale. These numbers will vary from project to project.

Once an investor decides they want to participate, they would need to wire their funds to a bonded title company where they would be held in escrow until closing. These funds are never held by us personally.

The ability for an investor to participate in a particular investment is done on a first come, first serve basis. An investor must have funds wired into the escrow account in order to lock in their position in the project.

Returns on investment will be paid out quarterly, when and if the property is refinanced, and also at the sale, at the close of the investment. It is also possible for an investors shares to be bought out by the other members if they needed to liquidate their shares due to some hardship.

By successfully acquiring multi-family properties, JB Real Estate Investments is able to provide solid returns for their investors.  If you are interested in learning more about our investment opportunities, please contact us today.

For question about becoming an investor-partner, call us direct at 510-863-1447

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